My Review: The Leisure Society, Trafalgar Studios 2, 17 March

“I’ve gotten everything I ever wanted!”

I’ve never seen a play where the characters are so despicable that I didn’t give a hoot about what happens to them.

The Leisure Society was a well-acted play but the argghh the characters and story reeked!!

The play opens with a scene where a  rich (well-off rather than rich) American couple (Ed Stoppard
 and Melanie Gray)  who are being interviewed by an adoption agency (they already have a young baby but want to adopt a Chinese baby because they’ve noticed that Chinese’s children seem to get all the awards at school and they want to do something for charity) ARGH! There’s more …

The rest of play take place over an evening where they have invited round a long-time friend (John Schwab), to tell him their friendship is over – reason – they have nothing in common with him.

He brings along a young hip twenty something (played by Agyness Dey) who ends up being the object of all their desires…

Scene from The Leisure Society (L:R: Agyness Deyn, Melanie Gray, John Schwab and Ed Stoppard)
Scene from The Leisure Society (L:R: Agyness Deyn, Melanie Gray, John Schwab and Ed Stoppard)

Over the course of the drunken evening (even though they’ve given up alcohol, they knock back the bottles of wine and champagne the best friend has brought round), you find out more lovely tip-bits such as the wife is actually pregnant with their second child.

The husband panics that it will affect their lifestyle/plan and her job (she’s just finished her maternity leave). In a very blasé manner she tells him not to worry and that she’s already booked an early morning abortion. Still worried he suggests that she calls her boss (it’s a Sunday) and tells him the reason why she’s taking the morning off work so he’ll be more sympathetic and it would show him she has commitment for her job :O

Also another shocking but funny scene both the couple and the best friend admit to hitting and shaking each-other children while babysitting them (all find it acceptable as the children haven’t ended up dead).

The evening ends in a drunken threesome between the wife, the best friend and his twenty something  plaything, the husband opts out and sits and listens to them over the baby monitor.

The story moves on a couple of days and there’s a lot fall out – the husband now has an infatuation with the twenty something and wishes he took part in the threesome and is having suicidal thoughts (??? didn’t get this part)

The play ends with the couple finding out that they’ve been accepted by the adoption agency and the wife confessing she couldn’t go through with the termination.

What a lovely couple and parents they will make ….

Though the play was extremely funny in places and well-acted, the story irritated me a lot probably because knowly these characters exist in real life :O

Rating: 6/10


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